Tres Etah

Affiliations: Viva La Tech

DJin since: 2011


What originally got you into House and Techno music?
Thee-O got me into House & Techno back in 2008. Originally, I started off by listening to DJ Caffeine half way through my senior year in high school. Right away i was hooked, as a few months had gone by, I attended my first rave. Just as i got home after my first rave, I began to do my hw on different styles of music. My mind was all over the place experimenting waiting to find the one. It was at Chesters Warehouse in Los Angeles when I first noticed the deep, techy, groovy bass-lines coming from a Thee-O B2B Reza set. It was then when i knew this was it, this is what kept me going back to the raves, Techno, Tech House.

Who are your influences for your DJing and Production?
For DJing my major influences are Thee-O and Qwazee. When it comes to production, my major influence since day 1 is Deorro, at the time known as Tonic. I remember hanging out with Deorro back in 09 in his early years as a promoter/dj/dnb emcee on the low low though. He was always sharing his thoughts on producing and really getting me to focus on producing, "focus on producing, producing is where it's at" he would say. Due to personal reasons it took me 4 years to actually start producing but I never forget his words of wisdom.

For those just learning about you, describe your sound in 3 words.
Atmospheric, Geometric, Sacred.

What does Viva La Tech mean to you?
Ever since I first heard of Viva La Tech, I told myself that I will one day represent Viva La Tech. The name itself flows and just says it all. We don't just play techno. We live techno, we sleep techno, we dream techno, we breathe techno, Living the Tech. Viva La Tech is where I belong, it's family to me, musically, and I am looking forward to the future, living the tech.

Describe what the Los Angeles House and Techno scene in your eyes.
In my eyes the Los Angeles House and Techno scene is a culture full of deep individuals that share a common taste in house and techno music. Underground vibes, proper audience who live this experience with passionate and heart. It's definitely something not many understand, the way the scene understands it. It's on a rise in feel, and I am glad to be where I am today. The house and techno scene, in my opinion, will never die out.