What originally got you into House and Techno music? 
Growing up in a household in the 80s and 90s with a large number of older family members, my childhood was saturated with a healthy dose and range of music from the likes of Kraftwerk, Depechemode, Cybotron, and Africa Bambata amongst others.  This was my first introduction to electronic music and I as grew older, I sought out the sounds of synthesizers and drum machines. Flash forward to the mid and late 90s when I was a young man in high school, I discovered the rave scene and instantly fell in love with the reverberations of House and Techno. 

Who are your influences for your DJing and Production?
I respect and admire dj’s that really know how to work the decks and that don’t just stick to one specific formula.  I am influenced by dj’s that can do more that just mix a 4 to the floor beat, dj’s that you can tell enjoy what they do, and that understand the art of opening, playing peak hour, and closing.  Dj’s such as Jazzy Jeff, Donald Glaude, Dave Clark, Cajmere, Dj Dan, Danny Tenaglia, and Dj Sneak…  And of course, the soundtrack to many nights of my youth, the 90s Los Angeles Biohazard Crew played a large role in how I see djing.

Production wise, it can definitely depend on the mood.  I like to experiment with dark production amid remnants of sounds influenced by the likes of Nitzer Ebb, Front 242 and Wax Trax records, however on the flip side, I also like to experiment with fun, sexy, and jacking sounds.  Production influences range from the sounds from labels such as Trax records, Wax Trax records, Turbo, International Dj Gigolos, Skint, InStereo, Toolroom, Kosmo, etc..

For those just learning about you, describe your sound in 3 words.
Fun, Dark, and Jacking

What does Viva La Tech mean to you?
To me, Viva La Tech means the future and survival of authentic house and techno music in a time when electronic music is saturated with sounds that are more of a fad than a movement.  Viva La Tech is to me is the the carrying of the torch from those that have come before me to ensure that house and techno will live on and be passed on as it was passed on to me.  The longevity of house and techno music is a testament to those that push and stand by it.  We are a collaborative of people from different areas with in Los Angeles and different scenes in other aspects, but we all share a common interest and passion for house and techno music.  Viva La Tech!

Describe the Los Angeles House and Techno scene in your eyes.
The Los Angeles House and Techno scene in my eyes has a very familial and warm vibe.  There are a handful of staple groups of people, crews, etc.., that promote different events but are very supportive of one another through a mutual respect and appreciation of what everyone is trying to do for the music itself.  I feel like I can walk into an event promoted by a Los Angeles staple by myself and not feel alone due to the vibe and familiar faces.  It’s 2016 and yet the underground has been thriving for years and still feels fresh to me.  From out of state djs, foreign, or local djs, Los Angeles is an exciting mecca with parties harboring talent to play in the deepest and dirtiest ware house districts, to the most unique venues such as art galleries, lofts, or rooftops overlooking sunsets, with House and Techno providing the soundtrack.  I feel very fortunate to live Los Angeles.