DJing since: 2006


What originally got you into house and techno music?
Actually, my father. My father was the one who was, and is still playing mainly house and some techno throughout all my child hood. I used to get dropped off , picked up from school and my dad was bumpin some 4x4. I later revisited the sound with interest this time after a rave with some friends and picked up right where I left off with its structure, and knowledge of some of the more popular tunes we hear made in the late 80’s, 90’s and remixed today.

Who are your influences for your djing and production?
Hands down, I really dig what Richie Hawtin has done. When I hear his music in general, weather it is a live set, or his production, I really analyze and try to understand what his intentions are. My influences change quite a bit generally, my taste and sound is always evolving.

For those just learning about you, describe your sound in 3 words.
Deep, Psychedelic, Groove

What does vivalatech mean to you?
It is a collaborative set of influences with the same perspective.

Describe the Los Angeles House and Techno scene in your eyes?
Two very different scenes. The House music scene is ever evolving and lots of fun. It truly is a melting pot of different lifestyles, era’s, and people from different scenes. Techno scene I see being a bit tighter as the music is bit more niche. I really do enjoy it because a lot of the people share the same values and get down!