What originally got you into House and Techno music? 
I started DJing in middle school when I was 13. Originally I got into Hip-Hop and Freestyle music as those were the sounds of the time. As I got into high school I heard “French Kiss” by Lil’ Louis and that was my introduction into house music. I couldn’t get enough. I was really drawn into Hip-House that was coming out from Chicago. When I graduated in 1991 I went to my first underground rave events and quickly fell in love with the music and atmosphere. I was hooked.

Who are your influences for your DJing and Production?
Where I grew up, there were a lot of neighborhood DJ crews and they were a huge influence on me as I started to get more involved in DJing. One DJ in particular, DJ Omar, who I went to middle school with was one of the people that I truly looked up to as far as skills. Once I got involved in the LA Rave scene, DJ’s like DJ Dan, Barry Weaver, Tony Largo, Ron D. Core, Steve Loria and others became the people that I looked up to as seasoned and qualified DJ’s. Later I became really influenced by the UK jocks like Dave Clarke and Carl Cox just to name two.

Production wise my influences are all over the place. I would say my two biggest musical inspirations are The Cure and Prince. I relate them a lot in the same way, because as artists they tend to follow their own drum, try different things and keep you guessing while still retaining a certain “sound”. I respect that quite a bit as that is very difficult to do.

For those just learning about you, describe your sound in 3 words.
To Defy Expectations

What does Viva La Tech mean to you?
When I started this back in 2009 I didn’t know what Viva La Tech would become. At the time it was idea that I had with my friend David X. He helped grow the brand and I focused on the sound. VLT has shifted a bit since then but the core is still there. It is truly about the music and the vibe. That is how we will continue to push it along. VLT ultimately means quality music for underground heads.

Describe the Los Angeles House and Techno scene in your eyes.
For me, since I have been in it for almost 25 years now, I guess this like family. I feel very fortunate to be a part of something that I has grown and become nationally recognized. To be a part of it still is truly a blessing. Los Angeles is special. While House and Techno came from the Midwest, the rave scene in the states started in Los Angeles and we continue to have an amazing underground scene.