Charles X

Affiliations: Viva La Tech / Stealth

DJing since: 1998


What originally got you into House and Techno music?
When i was about 6 i lived in what now is Caesar Chaves park in Long beach.It wasn’t the best area. A lil park with a bunch of abandon buildings and a few apartments By the 710 freeway. the warehouse across the alley from were we lived at sat there dead and unused.. Until one night when all of a sudden that warehouse had life. it was about 12am and this strange dope loud noise came from the alley...from that warehouse, and a lot of adults dressed like they were in preschool or something showed up out of nowhere. i was Intrigued as fuck with my young ass mind thought it was the coolest shit ever. I had ask my older sister what was going on she said “its a rave they play techno and electronic music and people go to dance all night” from there i knew thats what i wanted to be a part of.. This took place in 1991.i just remember the music blowing my lil mind away, even though it was across from our alley..Later when on i was in middle school i was giving a pamphlet “pure acid mixed tapes” and the rest was history. 

Who are your influences for your DJing and Production?
Growing up: Frankie Bones, Angel alanis, Hyperactive, DJ Tron (RIP,) Dj Spooky that subliminal kid, R.A.W

For those just learning about you, describe your sound in 3 words.
Experimental, Hard, And FUN

What does Viva La Tech mean to you?
Its a Solid Collective of like minded Dj and producers. With diverse backgrounds, and lifestyles, we come together to share ideas and Manifest some of those ideas into reality. Its a growing organism making a positive impact in the Techno and House community in Los Angeles. 

Describe what the Los Angeles House and Techno scene in your eyes.
Is an even Larger organism and basically has a life of its own.i believe every one involved from promoters, labels, DJs to the people that attend the shows contributed in there own special way. When you attend a lot of shows and see familiar faces and run into people you’ve met in the past.Start meeting people you haven’t seen before you start to get this scene of community at a larger scale. all because the music. Los Angeles with its wide options gives the techno and house scene a real nice and interesting playground for that.